1. First coat of paint, which prepares the surface so that real work can begin.
2. Basic teaching book or tool for people who are learning how to read.

This is a primer on integral mission. It’s a resource to set the background. To help shape understanding. It’s not the whole picture. Nor is it the last word. But it is a description of mission that we at Canadian Baptist Ministries believe best describes the vision and way that God transforms our world. We pray that it will inspire churches and all followers of Jesus to proclaim and demonstrate God’s love and truth with greater optimism, imagination and through effective partnerships. Let the journey begin…
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Random ACTS of Integral Mission

When I was writing Wordeed, I felt an almost magnetic pull to the story of the earliest church, the one recounted by Luke in Acts2:42-47 & 4:32-35. I re-read them many times but it seemed that the power of the narrative was lost to me, like a favourite old song that I had played too often on my ipod. So I told myself the story differently…

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What the Primer is About…

“That which God has joined together, let no-one separate”. Those words are usually spoken at a wedding, reflecting the truth of what marriage is meant to be. But maybe these words should be spoken about mission...

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Last evening, my friend Narry Santos and I wandered for a few hours through Welfareville. Really – that’s what the folks here call a massive squatter officially known as Addition Hill, near downtown Manila. What a hopeless name for a slum! Over 100,000 people are crowded into a chaotic urban ghetto, roughly organized into 40 […]

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Play the Word/Deed Game

Yesterday, we played at work. Well, it was work but also a fun game. We put a piece of white tape down on the floor – 20 feet or so. At one end, we wrote WORD, at the other DEED. We were asked to think back to an earlier time in our Christian life, maybe […]

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