Wordeed | An integral mission primer

Wordeed is a project by the CBM.

What the Primer is About…

“That which God has joined together, let no-one separate”.  Those words are usually spoken at a wedding, reflecting the truth of what marriage is meant to be.  But maybe these words should be spoken about mission.  God’s mission on planet earth has always involved words, and deeds.  Both, together.  Jesus did both – He “did” the Kingdom and He taught about the Kingdom.   Unfortunately, too often in our world we separate what God has joined together – some people or organizations focus on words (e.g. proclaiming, teaching, evangelizing) while others focus on deeds (e.g. feeding the hungry, dealing with injustice).  Wordeed is about mission that is integral and whole.  It’s about keeping together what God has joined together.

~Sam Chaise, General Secretary, Canadian Baptist Ministries

About Terry

After 20 years on the field with CBM in France, Terry joined the leadership team of the organization in 2003. He and his team are responsible for CBM’s global mission strategy, partnership building, program management and leading our Global Field Staff.

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