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An Old Prophet and a Young Practitioner

One of God’s prophets came to our office this week and engaged us in a serious reflexion on the future of Integral Mission. Dr. Rene Padilla, Founder of Fondation Kairos and, as pointed out in Wordeed (pg. 46) the Uncle of Integral Mission, addressed a group of Christian leaders that met here. His personal recollections of the growth of the Latin America Theological Fellowship, his involvement in various ecumenical gatherings and with the Lausanne movement. We found his analysis of the situation of the Church in the global South fascinating. I was particularly touched as he shared his deep concern for the Church’s insufficient focus on three critical areas. For Padilla, the three are globalization, discipleship and creation care. Dr. Padilla had raised these three concerns during the recent Lausanne III Congress in Cape Town, South Africa (Oct. 2010) and has found comfort in seeing them integrated as areas for growth in the remarkably well written Cape Town Commitment (read it or download it at http://www.lausanne.org/en/documents/ctcommitment.html )

In August, 2011, I taught a graduate course in Mitaboni, Kenya on Integral Mission. I had each of my students give a short description on camera of their understanding of the topic within their context. I listened again to Rev. Samuel Karanja Kamau, Chaplain with the Africa Christian Church and Schools (ACCS) in Nairobi, Kenya. The ACCS has a deep and longstanding commitment to integral mission. Their pastors and lay leaders are having a significant impact as they integrate word and deed. In this video, it’s fascinating to hear how Samuel shares how he is confronting each of these three pressing issues of globalization, discipleship and the environment in his ministry among high school students in an elite private school. I hope that by listening to it you’ll be encouraged to reflect and act on each of these pressing issues, whether you’re an old prophet or a young practitioner.


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After 20 years on the field with CBM in France, Terry joined the leadership team of the organization in 2003. He and his team are responsible for CBM’s global mission strategy, partnership building, program management and leading our Global Field Staff.

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  1. Matt Lowe
    July 4, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    Would have loved to join you for Dr. Padilla’s visit! I so appreciated his comments included in Wordeed, not only for the sake of historical context of the integral mission movement but also because of his focus on what the church’s calling is _not_, especially with regard to the choice of whether to pursue political power. It is so hard to learn (and remember!) the lesson that true power is given by God, not taken from others, and that the path of missional discipleship must always be cruciform.

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