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A Sign of Hope

YIKES!  It’s been way too long since I have written.  A hectic fall travel schedule took me to four continents. And I came home with a severe bout of shingles which sidelined me for three weeks upon my return.  Not an easy condition and definitely not conducive to writing.

My WORDEED highlight this fall is found in the very poor city of Aguas Lindas, just outside of the Federal District of Brasilia, Brazil. One of God’s saints, Joyce Hancock, has worked for eight years developing a remarkable community development program called Free Flight (Voo Livre).  Fighting against all odds and with little if any support from municipal and regional leaders, Joyce and her team have built a transformational program for urban renewal, centred around youth empowerment and children’s education.  A small “church” of 75 people has begun to meet every Saturday evening. average age – 12 years old.  Her team has started social enterprises (from bakeries to beauty parlors), skills training, after-school programs, sports activities, a justice and advocacy movement, career and family counseling.

Where is integral mission leading Joyce and her team? Well, in the recent municipal elections, one of the candidates included in his political platform that he would help enable new initiatives ‘like Free Flight’ which will transform the city.  Joyce and her team represent a sign of hope in a dark and forgotten corner of God’s world.  Read more about her at http://www.cbmin.org/cbm/staff?staff_id=19

Before concluding my final blog for 2012, I want to thank you for the gift of partnership in integral mission. We are God’s people sharing the good news of reconciliation.  A special nod to my great colleagues Jon, Grace, Jenn and Laurena, as well as our friends at Candybox Marketing and Thinkhouse Design. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

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