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Play the Word/Deed Game

Yesterday, we played at work. Well, it was work but also a fun game. We put a piece of white tape down on the floor – 20 feet or so. At one end, we wrote WORD, at the other DEED. We were asked to think back to an earlier time in our Christian life, maybe when we were teenagers, university students, or new followers of Christ. Everyone (and there were 27 of us) was asked to stand somewhere along the line when word-pairs were read off.

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During this first round, people quickly went towards polar extremes – there was clearly the social justice team and an evangelism team. Funny comments and jabs were made. “Liberals!”, one colleague shouted out to the others. “Fundies!”, was their response (and this wasn’t alluding to people from the Bay of Fundy in Atlantic Canada). On my side, and you can guess which one that was – a group of former Plymouth Brethren congregated, comforting one another in our shared past.

The leader then asked us to re-align ourselves when a new set of words were read out, according to how we viewed Christian mission today.

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Interesting, as this time the two sides began migrating to the middle. Although a few people stayed out on the edges, most people found that either through their own growth, learning or experience, Christian mission for them is really a balance between the two.

One of the participants piped in though, and rightly pointed out that we all don’t need to be both. We won’t even be wholly balanced individually. The key, though, is that the Church of Jesus Christ be integral, holding the two ends in a healthy, contextual and dynamic balance. Or as another person pointed out, “The Church is balanced because Christians aren’t!”

So it’s your turn invent a game you can use to teach WORDEED. Send it to us,  and we’ll post it on the website and keep the conversation alive.

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