Wordeed | An integral mission primer

Wordeed is a project by the CBM.


Last evening, my friend Narry Santos and I wandered for a few hours through Welfareville. Really – that’s what the folks here call a massive squatter officially known as Addition Hill, near downtown Manila. What a hopeless name for a slum! Over 100,000 people are crowded into a chaotic urban ghetto, roughly organized into 40 […]

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Play the Word/Deed Game

Yesterday, we played at work. Well, it was work but also a fun game. We put a piece of white tape down on the floor – 20 feet or so. At one end, we wrote WORD, at the other DEED. We were asked to think back to an earlier time in our Christian life, maybe […]

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A Sign of Hope

YIKES!  It’s been way too long since I have written.  A hectic fall travel schedule took me to four continents. And I came home with a severe bout of shingles which sidelined me for three weeks upon my return.  Not an easy condition and definitely not conducive to writing. My WORDEED highlight this fall is found in the very poor city of […]

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Healing a Broken World, a few women at a time.

I have just returned from India and am compelled to share a tragic story with a happy ending with you. After the tragic events inflicted against Christians by Hindu fundamentalists in 2008 / 2009, a group of 61 teen-aged women fled into the forest, seeking shelter and safety from the attacks committed against Christians. Most […]

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A Tsunami of Transformation

On Dec. 26, 2004 a devastating underwater earthquake in the Indian Ocean wreaked havoc on the Indonesian island of Nias, the largest of the islands off Sumatra. 122 people were killed and hundreds were left homeless. Shortly after reconstruction had begun, another earthquake struck on March 28, 2005, the second most powerful ever registered in […]

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He has anointed me to proclaim good news to the… smart

I am writing  from Berlin, Germany. Yesterday, I met with two leaders of Friends for the Mission Among Chinese in Germany (FMCD), a German-Chinese mission reaching out to bring the good news of Jesus to the Chinese diaspora here. Our staff, Ruth and John Chan, have been serving faithfully with this organization for the past […]

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Integral Mission and Bug Spray

Chagas 2012 Video from CBM on Vimeo. Adrian Gardner is a believer! He has seen integral mission firsthand in Bolivia. He and a team of Canadian Seminary students witnessed a remarkable program of social and spiritual transformation. Here are his reflections: As a team we had the opportunity to visit the chagas project in the […]

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Care for a cup of tea?

It’s been a few weeks since I posted on Wordeed. I’ve missed blogging. Mostly, I have been away from the office, enjoying the charm and beauty of Eastern Canada on a very long but enjoyable road trip.  As my wife and I drove almost 7,000 km with dear friends from the UK and France, drinking […]

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Are we doing integral mission here?

On the shores of Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) you see stunning, multimillion dollar cottages, pristine yachts and other ostentatious signs of affluence. But in the midst of such wealth, you don’t have to look very hard to find signs of brokenness, poor nutrition, un- and under-employment and poverty. One of my colleagues, Anne Drost, travelled […]

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