1. First coat of paint, which prepares the surface so that real work can begin.
2. Basic teaching book or tool for people who are learning how to read.

This is a primer on integral mission. It’s a resource to set the background. To help shape understanding. It’s not the whole picture. Nor is it the last word. But it is a description of mission that we at Canadian Baptist Ministries believe best describes the vision and way that God transforms our world. We pray that it will inspire churches and all followers of Jesus to proclaim and demonstrate God’s love and truth with greater optimism, imagination and through effective partnerships. Let the journey begin…
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Random ACTS of Integral Mission

When I was writing Wordeed, I felt an almost magnetic pull to the story of the earliest church, the one recounted by Luke in Acts2:42-47 & 4:32-35. I re-read them many times but it seemed that the power of the narrative was lost to me, like a favourite old song that I had played too often on my ipod. So I told myself the story differently…

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A Sign of Hope

YIKES!  It’s been way too long since I have written.  A hectic fall travel schedule took me to four continents. And I came home with a severe bout of shingles which sidelined me for three weeks upon my return.  Not an easy condition and definitely not conducive to writing. My WORDEED highlight this fall is found in the very poor city of […]

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Healing a Broken World, a few women at a time.

I have just returned from India and am compelled to share a tragic story with a happy ending with you. After the tragic events inflicted against Christians by Hindu fundamentalists in 2008 / 2009, a group of 61 teen-aged women fled into the forest, seeking shelter and safety from the attacks committed against Christians. Most […]

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A Tsunami of Transformation

On Dec. 26, 2004 a devastating underwater earthquake in the Indian Ocean wreaked havoc on the Indonesian island of Nias, the largest of the islands off Sumatra. 122 people were killed and hundreds were left homeless. Shortly after reconstruction had begun, another earthquake struck on March 28, 2005, the second most powerful ever registered in […]

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